About Us

This Is Our Story

The name of our media outfit is Lifted Multimedia, and we’re based in Akure, the Ondo State capital, with plans to expand in the near future. We began this interesting journey in the year 2005 after we gathered some experience at Remdel television.

The name “Lifted” was adopted as our aim and objective is to lift our clients’ business and also to give them the perfect job that would lift their soul and make them come back to do business with us. Over the years, we’ve been living up to expectation as our clients keep increasing in number on a daily basis.

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients both locally, nationally and internationally. We work with small scale businesses, medium size, multinationals as well as government agencies and parastatals.

Besides from video and films production services, we also teach people who wants to go into our area of business. Our philosophy is to be the best and also take other people by the hand and teach them to be the best.

Bellow are some of what we specialize in:

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